SPAO Challenges

This fall I decided to enroll in the Challenges class at the School of Photographic Arts Ottawa, an engaging 8-week course led by the inimitable Mike Vuckovic.

The class was all about expanding our creativity whilst setting limits for ourselves. We got to learn about various photographic styles, methods, and studied the works of the masters.

Each week, Mike would provide us with a deceptively "simple" challenge for the week. That theme, always open to interpretation, would guide what we'd have to shoot and ultimately share the week after. The sharing was always a single print (8x10 or larger) of an image made during that week that represented our interpretation of the challenge.

Some weeks' challenges were easier than others. I tend to interpret things very literally, which didn't always help me get my creative juices flowing... but other weeks, the theme resonated and I had a hard time choosing only one image to print & share.

Now that we're at the end of our course, we're going to share not only our choice for the final challenge, but also our outtakes.

Week 1 - Points of departure

My pick of the week.

The outtake

Week 2 - Juxtaposition

My pick of the week

Week 3 - Isolation

My pick of the week

Week 4 - Flow

My pick of the week.

Week 5 - Self-Portrait

My pick of the week

Week 6 - Metaphor

My pick of the week

Week 7 - Stranger + Apple