Photo Essay #7: The Aftermath

After a big weather event, there's always a Day After. In my previous post, I gave you a glimpse of what Winter's last gasp looked like, when 40cm of snow got dumped on Montréal in a day.

This is about the aftermath.

Wednesday morning - the morning after - snow was still gently falling. Snowplows had made a quick pass, but it was obvious that it was going to be a rough day.

Barely a soul around

Everything was quiet, as all the elementary and high schools, CÉGEPs, universities declared a snow day and stayed shut. The mayor of Montréal recommended that citizens not go out and stay off the roads, and by all accounts, most people did.

Watch your step

Of course, there were those that chose to go about their business anyhow.

Old Montréal is an interesting place; most of the buildings are between 150-200 years old, with some up to 300 (decidedly ancient by Canadian standards) and it's a mix of businesses, residences, hotels and restaurants catering to both those residents and tourists alike.

Architects 100+ years ago weren't very forward thinking and didn't build underground parking garages for the future residents of their buildings. So those cars have to go somewhere - but obviously the owners of these cars heeded the Mayor's recommendation to stay put for the day. This is the night after.

Anyone got a shovel?

24 hours later on Thursday night, it's clear that Montréal's crack snow-removal teams still had a TON of work ahead of them.

There's a sidewalk under there somewhere

By Friday, the clouds parted and the sun appeared, warming things somewhat and lending a natural hand to the snow removal crews. Some people still haven't bothered trying to dig themselves out.

Here are a few out-takes. For all you Aussies who think this is exotic and would like a taste, please contact me if you're interested in a house-swap next March.