April showers

... supposedly bring May flowers. That remains to be seen.

I've been working from home lately, and unfortunately that's translated into not getting out to do much shooting. Every so often, something around the house catches my eye. Today it was our gas BBQ on the deck, which has been getting rained on pretty consistently these days.

It's not much, but it's something. I really need to get out and shoot this weekend!

They're done

Grilling season has finally arrived. My deck is north-facing and permanently shaded; as a result there was still almost 2 feet of snow and solid ice between the door and my grill as recently as Saturday. Some welcome warm weather and a bit of elbow grease dispatched the last of the snow off the deck and made the BBQ accessible again.

The first proper grilled meal of the year: 1¾" thick pork loin chops and brussels sprouts. Once you grill or roast those sprouts, you'll never want to boil or steam then again.