Late summer roundup

It feels like ages since I've posted anything. I've been shooting, but just too lazy to post and write anything compelling.

I won't deliver any compelling prose here, but rather a mixed bag of images shot late this summer. Some holiday snaps, some observational stuff, some street, some god-knows-what. Gotta keep pressing that shutter button!

Photo Essay #14: Looking up in Chicago

You can't visit Chicago without marvelling at the architecture. It's tall, it's diverse, it's modern, postmodern, art deco and everything in between.

I really developed a kink in my neck two weekends ago when I visited. It was worth it!

In for Out of Chicago

I am so privileged to be able to attend this year's Out of Chicago summer conference, in, you guessed it, Chicago.

It's a 2½ day gathering of photographic enthusiasts and pros, where we get together, network, learn from the best and most importantly, get out and shoot!

Chicago is really a photogenic city unlike any other. Vibrant street life, incredible architecture, characters all around. It's going to be a great weekend!

DTW is cooler than I thought

The last time I changed planes in Detroit—too many years ago to admit—DTW was a dingy, dusty, musty terminal that seemed firmly planted in its 1960's roots and desperately in need of a refresh. It was a hub for Northwest Airlines and certainly lived up to "Northworst's" reputation.

My how things have changed.


Bright, airy, modern. Good food. Good coffee. What more could you want?


A taste of Barcelona

Just a few out-takes from our epic journey to Barcelona last year. I'm glad we got to see the city before they decided to crack down on rampant tourism with all sorts of controls on new hotels, visitor taxes etc., which will surely drive up the costs of visiting this amazing place.

This is a collection of shots from the first few days we spent there. We loved that Barcelona isn't crowded in January, and the photographer in me particularly liked the low Mediterranean winter sun.

Click on the thumbnail for the full-sized version of the image.